As well as being the Managing Director of the Goodness Media production company, Adam Shaw is also one of the most recognisable faces of business journalism on television.  In addition to his on-air work, he is a well known speaker and host and has talked to audiences around the world on a wide range of issues.

For ITV Adam also presented  Cook Me The Money which looked at the drama behind setting up a pop up restaurant for the day and Drive To Buy which took couples on a property buying tour of the UK.


Adam’s reporting and presenting has won him many awards:

  • Association of Investment Companies - Best Broadcast Journalist of the Year

  • Association of British Insurers – Financial Broadcaster of the Year

  • Plain English Campaign - Broadcaster of the Year

  • Proshare  - Personality of the Year

  • Institute of Financial Accountants - Award for Today programme’s best business coverage

In addition to his passion for demystifying the complicated world of finances and business, Adam has a keen interest in the theatre and, as a young actor, even spent a season at the Royal Shakespeare Company. He was the presenter of The Dame Game for the BBC which looked at the history of pantomime and the Pantomime Dame. He presented and wrote Tutus and Tiaras for BBC 2/News 24 in which BBC cameras were allowed behind the scenes of the English National Ballet looking at a year in their life, as the company tried to find the finance for and produce their latest version of the Nutcracker which was designed by Gerald Scarfe.

In addition to his work on television and radio, Adam has written for a number of newspapers including the Independent, Mail on Sunday and the Metro. He has written and co-authored a number of books: Political Rhubarb, Money and How to Make More of It, Managing Credit and Investing Basics.


Adam also chairs conferences and seminars and is a highly skilled conference facilitator and after dinner speaker. He has a wealth of experience hosting events and award ceremonies, both at home and abroad.

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Adam regularly presents ITV’s Tonight programme – Britain’s best watched current affairs series. 


He also presents a wide portfolio of television and radio work, including CNBC's TV series on new technologies which are revolutionising businesses around the world.

He is frequently heard presenting Radio 4’s Money Box and Money Box Live.


He has presented many editions of BBC One’s Panorama, was the senior business presenter on Radio 4’s Today programme, Radio 4’s Financial World Tonight and Radio 5’s Wake Up To Money. For many years he was one of the key presenting faces of the hit long-running BBC Two television series, Working Lunch.

For 5 years he has presented one of the highest profile series on BBC World News series, Horizons.  The show looks at how new technologies will change the way we live in future decades. It's one of the most watched shows on BBC World and is seen by millions across the globe each week. During his career and for this series he has interviewed most of the chief executives of the world’s biggest companies – from Bill Ford to Bill Gates and many others whose name doesn't begin with Bill.

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