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Our team of filmmakers include some of the most experienced directors, producers, writers and camera operators in the industry. They regularly work for Panorama (BBC1) Tonight (ITV) Dispatches (Channel 4) and others. 

For over a decade the Goodness Media team has been producing eye-catching video for the UK's leading broadcasters and many of the country's largest companies.

For BBC Television we were commissioned to travel the world for a series of Horizons, producing 20 half hour documentaries looking at leading businesses and new technologies, filming across the USA, China, The Amazon and across Europe.


Our team has a track record of creating visually exciting videos that explain often complex issues in an engaging and imaginative way. We pride ourselves on working with clients to find novel solutions that create new discussions and brings audience attention to our films.

On Time

We are used to working to tight deadlines with many of our team having worked in daily national news and even in longer format documentaries we are used to dealing with important deadlines. 

On Budget

We work with many different types of budgets and work with clients and broadcasters to deliver a high quality product, to their specifications and within their budget.

Broadcast TV

One of our latest broadcast projects was to create a half hour documentary for the BBC on the rise of the 20 somethings in China and the effect their views, tastes and consumer power is having on the world. We have produced 20 other 30 minute documentaries for BBC World TV

Corporate Video

The Competitions & Markets Authority set up the Open Banking Implementation Entity to design a framework for the whole UK banking industry to promote more competition and ease of access for customers. We were tasked with creating a number of videos for their use at events and on their website. 

“They are my go to production company whenever I need to deliver corporate videos, films or webinars.  In my 25+ years in corporate communications, I have never worked with such an innovative producer and crew. 


Their production team work to the highest standards, often on very challenging deadlines, and go above and beyond at every stage of the production process  - from developing the creative to the final edit.  The end result always surpasses expectations, producing a product that is engaging, relevant and impactful.”

Amy Kroviak, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, OBIE (Open Banking Implementation Entity) 

Tasked with creating over 100 internal and social media videos over the course of a year on an extremely tight budget and deadline - usually made within 24 hours - we produced a series of films covering a wide range of topics for the Dutch based international bank and investment group ING.

Internal & Social Media  


Motion Graphics

We work with a team of motion graphic designers which can can create eye-catching elements for our films and create completely graphic led videos.


When a new 24-hour financial news radio station was being planned we were brought in to design the full content schedule, find all the staff for the newsroom and help establish the editorial standards for the programming.


After the station' launch, we created scores of short radio features for the station. 



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Woodland Walks 

For The Woodland Trust

Working with the UK's leading woodland charity, we crate a regular 30 minute podcast about woodland walks around the country. Click HERE for one of our episodes.

Other Examples

The Meal - how bringing an office together over lunch can help create shared purpose and improved communication. For MCMa architects

Bank Accounts for dogs - A news report style video made for April Fools Day about new 'bank accounts for dogs.' For Metro Bank 

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